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We thank all of our friends by having a points program that gives you multiple ways to earn points - besides spending. HARDWEAR DISTRICT is a place where the unconventional unite and we want all of our members to know they're valued and appreciated. 

Our "Perks" program offers points that equate to cash discounts through the Smile app by:

  • Making a purchase

  • Liking us on Facebook

  • Having a birthday

  • Sharing one of our posts

Click here for more information on getting VIP status.



Hardwear District values all of our like-minded friends.  Some people seem to contribute to the success and social presence of small business by going above and beyond through getting involved. This plays a crucial role in the growth and success of small business. It also gives potential friends first hand insight and guidance from people just like them. We created VIP status for all of you who take your valuable time to go above and beyond!

There's no jumping through hoops, fees, spending requirements or "fill in some info" leading to a rabbit hole of other links with other requirements to join this group. Our staff constantly monitors social media activity...we track your activity...we NOTICE it and show appreciation for each thing you do by giving you an VIP Member badge and access to the area where you'll find specials and discounts JUST FOR YOU!

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